TV Commercials.

Explainer videos.

medical narration.

Whiteboard Animation.

Brendan McNulty’s voice has been trusted for a lot of things, and it’s a voice you can trust for your brand, too.

Brendan has spent over a decade entertaining and informing people using his voice. He has been the “friendly guy-next-door” for hundreds of corporate videos, commercials, and more. All audio clips are produced in his fully equipped, high-quality studio and multiple file formats are delivered in a timely manner.


Conversational. Friendly. The guy next door.

Brendan’s voice is perfect for any production you have that needs the voice of an everyday guy.  He has provided voiceovers for radio commercials, e-learning courses, whiteboard animations, business presentations, explainer videos, and more. Based in Philadelphia, he is available to work at your studio or record at his home studio.


Studio Equipment

Brendan is available to record at his own home studio which is equipped with:

Shure KSM44-A Microphone
•Neumann TLM-103 Microphone
• Sennheiser MKH-416 Microphone
• Adobe Audition Digital Audio Software

He can remotely connect for directed sessions via Phone Patch, Zoom, and Skype.

Now that you’ve heard me, I’d love to hear from you!

Please reach out if you think my voice would be a perfect fit for your brand.

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